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There never has been, never can be, never will be a band like them.

The Holy Triumvirate.


Geddy Lee’s birthday (July 29th, 1953)


1971 “Weltron 2004" Model Stereo Cassette & FM/MW/SW Radio - Via

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Title: Biggest Part of Me Artist: Ambrosia 1,099 plays


ambrosia - biggest part of me

Are any of my tumblr friends fans of 70’s/80’s prog/soft rock group Ambrosia?

Title: Revolution 1 Artist: The Beatles 1,299 plays

The Beatles | Revolution 1

Vintage Teenage Birthday Card

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Sparks, by Brad Elterman

(great story behind the photo in the link!)



Glynis Johns as Miranda the mermaid. (If you don’t recognize her, she played Mrs Banks in Mary Poppins).

First movie, Miranda, 1948 (full movie on youtube)

  • A guy goes fishing and finds a mermaid named Miranda.
  • She takes him prisoner and forces him to show her around London.
  • She does not gain legs and uses a wheelchair on land.
  • The guy’s wife makes him hire Miranda a nurse (Margaret Rutherford).
  • The nurse is wacky and loves Miranda.
  • Miranda ~accidentally~ seduces the guy, and a bunch off other guys.
  • The guy’s wife figures out that Miranda is a mermaid and wants to tell people.
  • Miranda escapes back to the ocean (and has a baby).

Second movie, Mad About Men, 1954(not available online, that I could find)

  • Miranda meets her identical, human cousin Caroline.
  • They trade places.
  • Miranda doesn’t like Caroline’s fiance.
  • She tries to break up the engagement and hook her up with 2 other guys.
  • One of the guy’s fiances figures out that Miranda is a mermaid and wants to expose her.
  • Caroline quickly returns to protect Miranda.
  • Caroline ends up with the nicest of the guys.

"By mid-1952 nearly every station in America was telecasting movies, virtually all in the late night hours, starting around 11 P.M. Ratings continued high city-by-city across the country. WCBS was then paying as high as $4,000 per film in order to screen it three to four times over an eight-month span… Another large sale, at the end of 1952, saw WCBS pay Republic 5200,000 for 104 movies… By then the station was running three regular film shows, the Early Show, Late Matinee and Late Show." — from Movies at Home: How Hollywood Came to Television by Kerry Segrave (1999).

Movies from the U.K. — including those of J. Arthur Rank — were among the first to be made available to American television, many of them much more recent than those from American studios.

I LOVE this movie!! If you are a fan of “classic Hollywood” type movies, I would definitely set aside an hour or so to watch this!